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It's where comfort meets technology. Where world-class innovation meets friendly personalized service. Where technological advances are made every day that can help you save energy, money, and our environment. Let NC Oilheat be your link to the latest news on advancements in Oilheat equipment and in the fuel itself, important tips on conserving energy around your home, and helpful ideas on maximizing your comfort and peace of mind every day.



The Carolina Fuel Institute is an informational resource managed and operated by the North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers ...

Rebate Program

Upgrade & Save Rebate Programs

The UPGRADE & SAVE - North Carolina Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate offers North Carolina homeowners up to $2000.


For Homeowners

The verdict is in: modern Oilheat equipment is more reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly ...


Real Estate Professionals

Buying and selling homes is difficult enough without having to worry about their heating systems and oil tanks, which is why NC Oilheat dealers are ...


Contractors, Home Inspectors and Builders

Deciding on the right equipment is essential for perfect home comfort. So when it's time for a new...


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