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pub_heatingwoil.jpgHeating With Oil

Want to be informed about Oilheat? With this useful brochure you can learn how your Oilheating system works, the truth about oil tanks, and why Oilheat is a good value. Consider it the homeowner's guide to Oilheat.
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homeInspectorsCompanion.jpgHome Inspector's Companion to Oilheat

All home inspectors should have this guide that's all about how Oilheating systems and their components work. From furnaces to tanks, you'll have all you need to know, including some surprising Oilheat facts.
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pub_openthedoor.jpgOpen The Door ... To A More Energy Efficient Home

Want to learn how to be more energy efficient? With this brochure, you'll receive tips on how to save energy around the home, including how to save on water heating bills, how to reduce heat loss, and how to find air leaks. You'll also get advice on how to have your Oilheating system running at its peak efficiency.
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pub_sellingoilhomes.jpgSelling Oilheated Homes

As a real estate professional, you need to be in the know when it comes to Oilheat. This colorful brochure will educate you on the benefits of Oilheat and how Oilheat dealers can help you, and offers selling points to assist you in sealing the deal. This "Real Estate Agent's Guide to Oilheat" is guaranteed to be a valuable read.
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pub_builwithoil_builder.jpgBuild With Oil (Builder Brochure)

Quality homes deserve quality heat: Oilheat. This jumbo three-paneled postcard will show you why building with Oilheat is an intelligent choice. Every builder should be aware of the advantages of Oilheat, which is reliable, clean, and environmentally friendly.
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pub_buildwithoil_catalog.jpgBuild With Oil (Program Catalog)

Approximately 1.5 million new single-family homes and 250,000 custom homes are built in the U.S. per year.* About 3% of these homes use oil for heating and hot water - down from 18% in 1949. Today, most new homes use natural gas, propane or electric. However, the new home market is still a viable one for Oilheat. In fact, Oilheat's current low market share means there is an excellent potential for growth. As an oil dealer, it will be well worth your while to actively pursue new business in the home building market. And your chances of success are great since Oilheat has so much to offer to builders, realtors and homeowners alike.
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pub_buildwithoil_homeowner.jpgBuild With Oil (Homeowner Brochure)

Recent innovations in heating oil delivery and Oilheating equipment, including burners, controls and heat distribution systems, offer important opportunities for cost savings, lower air emissions, and other performance improvements.
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